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1. Wild mushroom Stroganoff
A new twist on this old-world favorite. Non-dairy Toffuti-brand sour "cream" gives this dish a creamy texture. 
4 servings: $45
8 servings: $80

2. Szechuan vegan "chicken"
Vegan "chicken" blended with a mildly spicy creamy peanut butter sauce served over your choice of rice or pasta. 
4 servings: $45 
8 servings: $80
3. Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce.
4 servings: $35. Add Gardein-brand "meatballs": $40
8 servings: $65; Add Gardein-brand "meatballs": $70 4.

4. Hearty vegetable stew made with high-protein *seitan, vegetables, mushrooms, and red wine 
4 servings: $45 
8 servings: $80 

How to order: 
1. Email me your selection, quantity, and a delivery address. 
Also, please provide a contact number so I can call/text you when your order's on the way. 
2. Pay me with cash, check or PayPal.
Make check payable to Caroline Cherry. Paypal: Go to PayPal.Me/Veryvegelicious and type in the amount of your total order. 
**Please allow a minimum of 24 hours between placing your order and delivery.** 
Questions? Contact Caroline Cherry, VeryVegelicious, 240-261-3732 or caroline@veryvegelicious.com

*seitan is a vegan meat substitute made from wheat







  1. Shekara Smith

    I’m trying to give my vegan mother a birthday gift. Do you do singular classes or would I have to sign her up for multiple classes?

    1. caroline.cherry@yahoo.com

      I do single classes! Whatever you’d like. Please call me at 301-922-6223 or email caroline@veryvegelicious.com for more info.

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