Vegan Cooking Classes & Coaching for individuals, couples, and small groups in the Washington DC area

Cooking lessons in the comfort of your own home; call today!

Register today by calling 240-261-3732


What can I look forward to?

By clicking on “pre-set menu,” you’ll view a PDF of  VeryVegelicious’ current mouth-watering meals that you’ll learn to prepare.  If these selections aren’t what you have in mind, I’m confident we can work together to come up with alternatives.

Why vegan?
If you aren’t sure WHY reducing or eliminating your consumption of animal-based foods is so important, please take a moment to read this.


caroline@veryvegelicious.com: 240-261-3732:


  1. Shekara Smith

    I’m trying to give my vegan mother a birthday gift. Do you do singular classes or would I have to sign her up for multiple classes?

    1. caroline.cherry@yahoo.com

      I do single classes! Whatever you’d like. Please call me at 301-922-6223 or email caroline@veryvegelicious.com for more info.

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